The story of Skinija began in 1996 in a newly re-born Lithuania. Named after a stream, its products flowed into Lithuanian homes and paved its way into a wider world. Having started production with few socks, we now boast with a range of several thousand socks and tights. We achieved this thanks to our team, many of which have been working with us for over 20 years. Therefore, we can say - we really know our socks.

We are proud of our wide product range from extremely thick, functional and warm socks to thin and stylish. Armies of various countries, outdoor and fashion brands relies on Skinija products and their quality. As a brand we design with passion using high quality yarn and innovative technologies to make our products comfortable, durable, functional and stylish. We do not just design socks, we make them!

Although most of Skinija products are sold abroad, we remain the leaders of socks and tights production in Lithuania. Skinija brand products are sold in almost 1000 outlets, and you can buy the widest range of our collection in SKINIJA BOUTIQUE stores located in major Lithuanian cities.


More than 60% of Skinija products are exported. Customers include well-known brands as well as new names looking for quality and innovative solutions. We produce functional socks for various European armies, professional sports, outdoor brands and clubs. Skinija products are worn and valued in more than 30 countries around the world.

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Continuous improvement of production processes and technologies, careful selection of raw materials and, most importantly - people and their experience, are the basis for the quality of Skinija products. We are the only sock manufacturer in the country to have attained the GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) „SKINIJA is certified to the Responsible Wool Standard (RWS). Products certified to the Responsible Wool Standard contain wool from farms (independently) certified to animal welfare and land management requirements”

Raw materials

Skinija products are made from the highest quality raw materials - combed or mercerized cotton, merino or angora wool, silk, linen, modal, viscose, bamboo viscose. To ensure a wide range of products, we use yarns with metric numbers ranging from ultra-thin 100/1 or 85/2 Nm to ultra-thick 8/1 or 2.4/1 Nm, reminiscent of granny's knitwear.


Special attention is paid to improving technologies and production processes. Testing new raw materials and different blends of yarn, using specialized knitting equipment is aimed at creating exceptional designs or unique multi-layer products with ergonomic properties and durability. By constantly investing into production we can offer quality, comfortable, stylish and innovative products.

Skinija factory is running 150 knitting machines: Lonati, Matec Silver, San Giacomo 6CUS & Fantazia, Busi, Bentley Komet, Nagata, and their needle numbers are 36; 44, 48; 60; 84; 92; 112; 120; 124; 132; 144; 156; 160; 168; 176; 184; 200. Only with a large variety of equipment can we ensure a wide range of products.